What can Mighty Uninstaller do for you?

Resolve the uninstall programs.
Check up and uninstall corrupted programs and remnants;
List all programs installed on your PC;
Finish the uninstall process within minutes;

Provide special uninstall in safe mode for stubborn programs.


You can view the detailed information of the programs installed on your system and decide which one to uninstall; (for example uninstall programs according to their size to free up disk space).

There are three types of uninstall function for you to choose. According to the stubborn level, you can select software uninstall, mighty uninstall and special uninstall.

You can uninstall your unwanted programs more effective and easier than the Windows' Add / Remove Programs!

Features and Benefits of Mighty Uninstaller


Quickly and fully uninstall programs. You can uninstall programs which have difficulty being gotten rid of by the standard Windows Add/Remove Program. For instance, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, McAfee, Norton, programs like these can be removed within seconds.


Forcible display and uninstall any hidden program that installed on your computer without your notice. All hidden programs that installed on your PC will be exposed after installing Mighty Uninstaller. Therefore, you can get all programs installed on your computer at a glance and easily decide which one should be uninstalled.


Restore Registry. This function can make you restore the registry to a previous state at any time you like in case your winodws crash, and restore files from the recycle bin where the files were removed into.


List all installed programs. You can hold a panoramic view of the detailed information of the uninstalled programs as context menu.


Tree times faster than the Add/Remove program. Mighty Uninstaller is able to fast locate to the folder where the program is installed, and quickly scan the details of the program so as to remove related entries from the computer.


Ease-of-use. Mighty Uninstaller provides three different ways to uninstall any programs, they are Software Uninstall, Mighty Uninstall and Special Uninstall Besides, you are able to view programs before uninstall by Icons, by List and by Details.


Useful System Manager. Mighty Uninstaller is capable of quickly backing up Windows registry in order to easily restore it to previous state when Windows 2000//XP/VISTA32/VISTA64/Windows 7 crashes. Furthermore, you can easily view your startup programs and then quickly disable the unneeded startup items to make the computer boot faster.