Uninstall Web Screen Saver 2009

Annoyed by uninstalling Web Screen Saver 2009 on your computer? Some programs are really difficult to remove with the default uninstaller of Windows system - add/remove Programs. In fact, Add/Remove Programs is not a very good uninstaller which sometimes cannot get the job done and leaves a lot of leftover components and invalid registry entries. As a result, a powerful uninstall tool should be a better choice for every computer user. To uninstall Web Screen Saver 2009 we recommend Mighty Uninstaller which will help you completely delete this program immediately..

Method One: Uninstall Web Screen Saver 2009 Manually

  • Go to the Start menu, and then select Control Panel.
  • Click the Add or Remove Programs button.
  • In the Currently installed programs list, select the Web Screen Saver 2009 option.
  • Select Web Screen Saver 2009 in the Add/Remove program list, and then click the Remove button to manually uninstall Web Screen Saver 2009.

Note: After you have finished uninstalling Web Screen Saver 2009 manually, you may still find out a surprising number of registry keys related with AOL Toolbar in Program Files. This means that you have failure to uninstall Web Screen Saver 2009 completely.

Method Two: If you want to totally uninstall Web Screen Saver 2009, we highly recommend you Mighty Uninstaller.

Screenshot of Mighty Uninstaller
  • Free download Mighty Uninstaller here.
  • Double click the .exe file to finish the installation.
  • Highlight "Web Screen Saver 2009" in a "Display Name" list and then select "Uninstall" to finish the uninstall process.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to completely uninstall Web Screen Saver 2009.

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