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---Easily Uninstall Programs, Completely Force Uninstall Software for You

Want to uninstall programs on your PC? Fail to uninstall windows programs with the windows add-on program? Mighty Uninstaller is your final option to completely uninstall any unwanted software installed on your system easily and safely.

Why Should You Choose Mighty Uninstaller ™

Mighty Uninstaller ™ is a kind of excellent uninstall tool to help you uninstall any unnecessary windows programs. With its advanced and fast algorithms, Mighty Uninstaller ™ will display all programs in the program list and analyze an application's data your want to remove before the next step of uninstalling. Therefore, it is very safe for you to use Mighty Uninstaller ™ to remove any windows programs because of its wonderful precision. Also, Mighty Uninstaller ™ is easy-to-use software for anyone even though you have no basic knowledge of computer. Furthermore, Mighty Uninstaller ™ helps you tune up your PC by removing junk files, duplicate files and invalid registry entries.

Features and Benefits of Mighty Uninstaller ™

What can Mighty Uninstaller do for you?

Resolve the uninstall programs.
Check up and uninstall corrupted programs and remnants;
List all programs installed on your PC;
Finish the uninstall process within minutes;

Provide special uninstall in safe mode for stubborn programs.

You can view the detailed information of the programs installed on your system and decide which one to uninstall; (for example uninstall programs according to their size to free up disk space.).

There are three types of uninstall function for you to choose. According to the stubborn level, you can select software uninstall, mighty uninstall and special uninstall.

You can uninstall your unwanted programs more effective and easier than the Windows' Add / Remove Programs!

Uninstall Programs as Below with Mighty Uninstaller ™

About Mlghty Uninstaller

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  • 2,160 KB
  • Current Version:
  • Release Date:
  • Saturday,4 Feb 2012
  • Operating System:
  • Windows® 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Viats/2008/Seven 32 & 64 Bit.
  • Unique Features:
  • Forcibly & completely uninstall any programs.


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Customer Testimonials

Several stubborn programs do annoy me very much each time I try to wipe them out from the list on Add/Remove program only to get a rebuff. After using this software, I’m surprised by its powerful functions! It can not only remove clearly the unneeded programs but also make my PC run faster than before. Thinks a lot for this great tool!

- Baron

Mighty Uninstaller is quite a good tool for its excellent features. After I use it, there are few programs can’t be removed from my computer. From that time I choose it as one of the best uninstaller tool on my PC.

- Alice Choumore